Re: gok string freeze breakage

On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 08:10, Christian Rose wrote:
> There has been an unannounced string freeze breakage in the
> string frozen gok HEAD branch.
> This seems to be the commit in gok/gok-keyboard.c
> that caused the ten (10) unannounced string additions:

Hi Christian:

I mis-counted - there are three 'sets' of strings affected.

The boilerplate about r-t wasn't necessary (I've read it a hundred times
before); a reminder that string freeze was still in effect for additions
to 2.4.X would have sufficed.  It'd be worth clarifying that in the
d.g.o schedule/maintainers pages IMO.  String _changes_ are obviously a
problem for i18n, but addition of strings that aren't exposed to users,
or marking of strings for translation which should have been marked
before (i.e. a couple of g_warnings) is less so.

I have reverted the strings themselves (removed them from translation).
I will be requesting permission to add them back however, since the
purpose of the patch was to improve GOK internationalization, and I
think in this case reverting them isn't in our best interest.  Apologies
for the misunderstanding.


- Bill

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