Re: Problem to activate braille support in Gnopernicus

Mario Lang <mlang delysid org> writes:

> Nath <nath ml free fr> writes:
>> Unfortunatly I can't solve the problem. I follow the documentation in
>> BRLTTY, configured the CONTROLVT environment variable as mentionned even
>> if it seems now it is not necessary when using BRLTTY but nothing better
>> for me ... I have compiled Gnopernicus from the tarball I downloaded
>> from (release is 0.7.1) Perhaps it's this release which is
>> buggy to run properly with brltty+brlapi ?
> I highly doubt that.  I use the 0.7.1 tarball for
> the 0.7.1 Debian Gnopernicus package, and BRLTTY support works
> fine for me.
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> CYa,
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OK, thx for this info. so now i begin to think the problem is with my
braille display ! But I'm not sure because this same braille display
works fine with brltty. I have no other ideas of what can causes that
unfortunately ...


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