Re: Problem to activate braille support in Gnopernicus

[quoted lines by Marc Mulcahy on 2003/11/20 at 22:23 -0700]

>I can't get BrlTTY support working either.  It looks like a problem with 
>the virtual terminal selection in Gnopernicus.  when you choose BRLTTY's 
>brlapi rom the combo box listing the possible Braille devices, the spin 
>button to select the port (or in this case, virtual terminal) is 

That'd be because selecting the port when using BrlAPI doesn't make sense as
it's BRLTTY, and not Gnopernicus, that knows which device the braille display
is connected to.

Are you, by any chance, using Gnopernicus 0.7? I believe there was a problem
with that specific release related to the use of BrlAPI. If this is the case, I
suspect that your problem will go away if you use a later release of

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