Re: Dependency problems.

Hi, thanks. That fixed it. gnopernicus now built.

On Fri, 9 May 2003, Malcolm Tredinnick wrote:

> On Thu, May 08, 2003 at 11:17:53PM -0400, Thomas D. Ward wrote:
> > 
> > Hello, list. I have been trying all day to compile gnopernicus from cvs, 
> > and am running into several dependency issues.
> > I've got a system running Red Hat 9.0 with gnome 2.2.1, and it 
> > seams gnopernicus is no longer compatible with gnome 2.2.
> > I'm getting library dependancy arrors about gtk+ and cspi.
> > My version of gtk+ I believe is 1.2.25 and configure is telling me I need 
> > 1.3.
> I doubt this is correct. If you are running Red Hat 9 (no ".0", by the
> way) then you will have something from the 2.2 version of GTK+. Try
> running this command
> 	pkg-config --modversion gtk+-2.0
> The output should be something like "2.2.1", which is the version of
> GTK+ you have installed.
> > I don't seam to have cspi on my system, and a search of the Red 
> > Hat 
> > cd's didn't turn up an rpm for cspi 1.6 or any version.
> The cspi library is part of the at-spi package. An rpm exists for that
> in Red Hat 9. Try the above pkg-config command with the "gtk+-2.0" bit
> replaced by "cspi-1.0" to see what version of cspi is installed if you
> have the at-spi rpm installed.
> According to the gnopernicus build files, it requires a version of cspi
> greater than 1.1.6, which is pretty old. So I suspect Red Hat 9 should
> have something recent enough. Check that is you have at-spi installed,
> you also have the at-spi-devel rpm installed.
> And if you still have problems, try posting the error message you get
> when the configure script bombs out. That might help somebody pinpoint
> your problem more accurately.
> > How do I get these needed dependancies without going through the murderous 
> > task of compiling gnome latest from source?
> Well, there is a chicken and egg problem here. At some point, the
> developers have to move forwards, which may require breaking some
> compatibility with older libraries. If you are trying to build
> gnopernicus from CVS, you may well need to build some other things from
> CVS as well, since current development in CVS is aimed at GNOME 2.4, not
> GNOME 2.2.
> >  Is there any rpm packages in the near future? It's getting frustrating 
> > playing can you catch up with the dependancies just to build and install 
> > the software.
> Well, to be fair, the expectation is that if you are building from CVS,
> you have a very up to date system (i.e. including possibly some other
> things from CVS). There used to be a concerted effort to have reasonable
> rpm spec files in CVS for all modules. However, enthusiasm for this has
> waned a bit over the last year and a half. Some packages have good spec
> files, other have spec files that need to be hit with hammers a bit to
> make them work, others don't have any. The main problem is that
> distributions tend to roll their own spec files, so they are not
> affected by what is in the tarball and writing truly portable files is
> not something that anybody has taken the time to do recently.
> Cheers,
> Malcolm

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