Re: Talking daisy reader.

Hi Thomas:

Sorry for not replying sooner, I was out of town for a week.

You mention two possibilities: using C/C++ with gnome-speech, or
Java with JSAPI.  However you can write to gnome-speech from Java 
also, and in fact the Java client bindings to gnome-speech's
Bonobo-based API are much prettier than the C bindings and C++ bindings.

If you used gnome-speech, there is less likelihood of conflict between
the Daisy reader and other voice clients on the desktop, since gnome-speech
is a service API specifically designed to support multiple simultaneous

Personally I think writing this in Java using gnome-speech as the speech 
back-end would be the easiest and cleanest approach.  

best regards,


Peter Korn wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> I think it really depends upon where you want to deploy your Daisy reader.
> If you only want to see it running on desktop machines in a GNOME
> environment, then absolutely use gnome-speech.  On the other hand, looking
> forward to the next two generations of PDA and cell phones, I would expect
> that we might start seeing phones running J2SE and support the Java Speech
> API and FreeTTS.
> Are you in touch with George Kershner on this Daisy project you're
> considering doing?  If not, I encourage you to contact him and let him know
> what you're thinking.
> Either way you go, I'm delighted to hear you're looking into this.  It'd be
> very nice to have a Daisy reader on the UNIX desktop.
> Regards,
> Peter Korn
> Sun Accessibility team
> > Hi, list. I'm a little at an impass how  I should proceed with a couple
> > of projects I've been conciddering writing. I've been thinking about
> > writing a talking daisy reader for gnome, and it has to be self voicing.
> > I would like to either use C++ with the gnome-speech libraries, or use
> > Java with  JSAPI, and the FreeTTS synthesizor.
> > Any suggestions one which might be the better way to go? I have
> > gnome-speech  built installed, and working, but no api documentation how
> > to develope with it which sort of puts me at a disadvantage.
> > If I had my choice per say I'd like to build the app in C/C++ and the
> > gnome-speech api, but I could in theory go either way.
> > With so many electronic books  being put out by RFBND, NLS, Book Share,
> > etc in the daisy 2 and 3 for mats I was hoping to put my free time into
> > building a reader which would run under Gnome which could read these
> > electronic text books.
> > Thanks, for any suggestions.
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