Talking daisy reader.

Hi, list. I'm a little at an impass how  I should proceed with a couple 
of projects I've been conciddering writing. I've been thinking about 
writing a talking daisy reader for gnome, and it has to be self voicing.
I would like to either use C++ with the gnome-speech libraries, or use 
Java with  JSAPI, and the FreeTTS synthesizor.
Any suggestions one which might be the better way to go? I have 
gnome-speech  built installed, and working, but no api documentation how 
to develope with it which sort of puts me at a disadvantage.
If I had my choice per say I'd like to build the app in C/C++ and the 
gnome-speech api, but I could in theory go either way.
With so many electronic books  being put out by RFBND, NLS, Book Share, 
etc in the daisy 2 and 3 for mats I was hoping to put my free time into 
building a reader which would run under Gnome which could read these 
electronic text books.
Thanks, for any suggestions.

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