Re: install of at-spi gnome2.2

Hi Tuck:
> I'm building 2.2 from source tarballs from the gnome ftp site. The latest 
> ati-spi that is available there is:
> at-spi-1.0.2
> (which seems old).

I am pretty sure those won't/shouldn't build against HEAD or 2.2

We need to update those tarballs I suppose, but could you first tell us
the URI for that tarball?  We need to figure out what needs to be pulled
or updated.

CVS is not your only option, at least where at-spi is concerned.  You
might want to check the site regarding how to get GNOME 2.2:

thanks and best regards,


> Other relevant are:
> glib-2.2.1
> pango-1.2.1
> atk-1.2.2
> gtk+-2.2.1
> (plus the rest)
> all built fine
> If CVS is the recommendation, then I'm off to CVS
> Thanks for your support.
> Tuck
> >
> > best regards,
> >
> > Bill
> >
Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com>

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