Re: install of at-spi gnome2.2

> > Finally, running 'make check'
> > does
> > GTK Accessibility Module initialized
> > About to register application
> > Application registered & listening
> > Testing roles...
> > Testing misc bits ...
> > Testing desktop...
> >
> > (lt-test-simple:3083): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: cannot create instance of
> > abstract (non-instantiatable) type `GtkRange'
> This is funny, since CVS HEAD doesn't instantiate a GtkRange.
> test-simple.c used to instantiate a GtkRange but that class has been
> recently marked abstract in GTK+.  So this suggests that your at-spi
> sources are sout of sync with the GTK+ sources, i.e. you are building on
> a GTK+-2.2 stack but your at-spi is pre-gtk+-2.2.
> Updating your at-spi from CVS HEAD should solve this problem.
> But it would be very helpful to know where you got your at-spi package
> or tarball, since you don't mention this, and if somebody's GNOME-2.2
> tarballs are out-of-date we'd like to know so we can try to get them
> fixed.
I'm building 2.2 from source tarballs from the gnome ftp site. The latest 
ati-spi that is available there is:
(which seems old).
Other relevant are:

(plus the rest)
all built fine

If CVS is the recommendation, then I'm off to CVS
Thanks for your support.
> best regards,
> Bill

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