Re: Which Gnome2 version to have gnopernicus working today ?

On Thu, 2003-02-20 at 23:15, Nath wrote:
> Hi all,
> In order to have gnopernicus  working today which gnome2 version is
> necessary to have ?

Hi Nath:

In theory gnopernicus will work with GNOME 2.0 if you have a recent
version of at-spi installed (not the 2.0 version of at-spi).

However for a number of reasons I think you'd be better off with a "2.2"
version of GNOME, since many accessibility bugfixes have gone into GNOME
2.2.  (I'm sure there are some regressions also).

Since GNOME 2.2 has recently been released by the community, I think
it's very likely that you can get RPMs for most GNOME 2.2 components
now.  We don't have gnopernicus RPMs yet, but there are plans to create
them in the near future.

> I ask you because I want to recompile gnopernicus now and ask me if it's
> still necessary to build Gnome2 from cvs or garnome or if we can expect to
> run gnopernicus with a gnome2 more easily installable  ?

I would try installing a GNOME 2.2 set and then rebuilding the following
components from CVS:


(you probably will not need gnome-mag, but others may want to update
that as well, from cvs).

You might find it helpful to build and install a new 'gail' module as
well, since there have been many bugfixes, but the 2.2 version should
meet your needs. 

The page has links where you can download
GNOME 2.2 in various versions; I don't actually see any RPM sets there,
but GNOME 2.2 is available via the various upgrade/install systems for
Debian, Mandrake, FreeBSD, Gentoo, Slackware, and there are GARNOME
packages as well.  I don't know which of these approaches is actually
the easiest to use, perhaps someone else will comment on this.

best regards,


> Do you think for example it will be possible now to install a Linux distro
> including gnome2, to add some package  from sources if necessary  and
> finally to compile gnopernicus on it ? and if it seems possible, which
> distro ?
> thx,

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> Nath
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