Re: install of at-spi gnome2.2

On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 07:49:25PM -0800, Carl Tuck Hartshorn wrote:
> I'm having trouble installing this package--so far the only one.
> ./configure --prefix=/opt/gnome --enable-platform-gnome-2
> gets a couple of 'gettext' errors. As I see no PO subdir, I'm assuming that 
> this is normal.

Hmm. I just looked at the CVS version and it does not package and
distribute the po directory (I assume you are trying to build from a
tarball) and yet configure refers to the internationalization stuff.
That's a bit silly.

If it builds despite these errors, you can ignore them. If you are not
building from a tarball, then you have a problem because there is a po/
directory in CVS.

> for the make step, there are a large number of doc book erroirs and since all 
> other packages that use jade went in without problems, I am reporting it here.
> Maybe I need some different catalog's. I'm only showing the first few dozen 
> or so.
> ----------------- snip -----------------------
> /usr/local/bin/jade:../at-spi-cspi-docs.sgml:1:59:W: cannot generate system 
> identifier for public text "-//Davenport//DTD DocBook V3.0//EN"

This indicates that either your SGML catalogs are slightly incorrect, or
you don't have the correct DTDs installed. Not sure why you did not see
errors elsewhere.

All the remaining DocBook errors are symptomatic of the same problem --
it has not located the right DTD.

> Finally, running 'make check'
> does
> GTK Accessibility Module initialized
> About to register application
> Application registered & listening
> Testing roles...
> Testing misc bits ...
> Testing desktop...
> (lt-test-simple:3083): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: cannot create instance of 
> abstract (non-instantiatable) type `GtkRange'
> FAIL: test-simple
> ===================
> 1 of 1 tests failed
> ===================

No idea on this one. Sorry. :(


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