Re: Which Gnome2 version to have gnopernicus working today ?

Hi, Nath. I've noticed Red Hat is about to release Gnome 2.2 in version 
8.1. Although, I haven't tried compiling the latest cvs releases of 
gnopernicus it is my understanding all that is required is the latest 2.2 
libraries and desktop.
I'm going to be grabbing the 8.1 beta so I'll let you know if gnopernicus 
will work on Red Hat without having allot of extras.

 On Fri, 21 Feb 2003, Nath wrote:

> Hi all,
> In order to have gnopernicus  working today which gnome2 version is
> necessary to have ?
> I ask you because I want to recompile gnopernicus now and ask me if it's
> still necessary to build Gnome2 from cvs or garnome or if we can expect to
> run gnopernicus with a gnome2 more easily installable  ?
> Do you think for example it will be possible now to install a Linux distro
> including gnome2, to add some package  from sources if necessary  and
> finally to compile gnopernicus on it ? and if it seems possible, which
> distro ?
> thx,
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> Nath
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