Re: ANNOUNCE: lock-keys-applet 1.0 "Bowling for Columbine"

On Wed, 2003-02-05 at 20:51, Calum Benson wrote: 
> Now, it would be really cool if somebody were to combine this with
> Chema's "sticky keys" applet, then we'd almost have the 'AccessX status
> indicator' that's required by
>  :)
> Cheeri,
> Calum.


I just had a look at the sticky keys applet, and I think it should be no
problem to merge stick keys into lock-keys... 

I would just add some icons to the applet for strg, alt, shift (and
windows key if needed). These icons should probably only be visible if
accessibility is turned on.


PS: I'm not on accessibilty-list, it would be nice if you could cc: me

> -- 
> Joergen Scheibengruber <mfcn gmx de>

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