Re: DecTalk and Gnopernicus

Hi. While the Dectalk really sounds good it does have responce problems. I
have found Freetts to be much more responsive for fast typing, editing,
I've also found gnopernicus is more likely to crash with the dectalk, but
once I switched to Freetts the crashes seased.

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Subject: DecTalk and Gnopernicus

> Hi all
> I am thinking of getting the DecTalk soft synth from Fonix to use with
> Emacspeak, Yasr, and Gnopernicus.
> When I listened to the Main Menu review of Gnopernicus with DecTalk, the
> speech was not very responsive at all, not nearly as much as Via Voice
> I am wondering whether this has improved, or whether it will improve in
> future, as the size of DecTalk itself is what is most appealing to me, and
> I would like to use Gnopernicus for testing and eventually when it becomes
> stable.
> Thanks in advance
> Luke
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