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On Monday 23 September 2002 14:20, Bill Haneman wrote:
> Hi Pupeno:
> > That's why I'm building Proklam, with a DCOP interface despite that Gnome
> > may provide the same solution with a Corba interface. But as sending dcop
> > messages is not friendly enough, I think, an API class called KSpeech
> > will be provided inside kdelibs somewhere to make it even easier.
> > So, to use Prokla, you won't have to know anything about Corba (which I
> > don't know), or DCOP (which I didn't know untill I started Proklam)...
> > just instantiate KSpeech and use it.
> I am wondering still if KSpeech can re-use gnome-speech's IDL.  That
> doesn't necessarily mean it has to use CORBA, but only that its APIs map
> directly onto those of gnome-speech.  If they do, they it would be
> fairly easy to write wrappers from one to the other, thus allowing KDE,
> GNOME, Java, and other GNU/Linux platforms and toolkits to reuse the
> maximum number of speech drivers.  The resulting similarity of APIs
> would also mean that porting "talking programs" from one platform or set
> of libraries to another would be much easier, whereas with different
> APIs it can be too difficult to seem worthwhile to a developer with
> limited time.
I don't think so, KSpeech will be a simple dumb interface for the dcop 
functions to speed up development. If KSpeech could use two diferent ways to 
speek it would need some kind of configuration or automatic search for a 
working speech server or something like that.
All the interoperatibility should go directly into Proklam, I think the best 
way to do it would be to make a plug in and then gnome-speech would just 
another TTS to Proklam, as Festival or FreeTTS are. Then if gnome-speech use 
Festival or ViaVoice is up to the configuration of gnome-speech. This idea 
was suggested by Gunnar if I'm not wrong and I think it's very feasible. What 
do you think about ?
And as they're plug ins, there's no problem in making a plug in dependant and 
all the libraries existent out there (if the libraries aren't there, the plug 
in won't compile/work) but as KSpeech will go directly into kdelibs, it 
shouldn't depend in anything outside KDE.
I think that would solve the problem of KDE using Gnome resources for 
speeching but won't solve the problem of Gnome using KDE's resources. Do you 
think it would be posible to write a gnome-speech plug in (or howhever it 
works) to use Proklam ?
Thank you.
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