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On Monday 23 September 2002 11:08, Bill Haneman wrote:
> I believe that Peter's suggestion was more along the lines of using
> gnome-speech within KMouth.  Gnome-speech is a speech service API
> suitable for use with multiple voices and speech engines, with currently
> available drivers for FreeTTS, Festival, and ViaVoice/Eloquence.
> Drivers for other text-to-speech engines and hardware devices are
> anticipated.
> If you prefer not to use gnome-speech's implementation directly, I would
> still urge you and/or Proklam to use its APIs, which are defined in IDL;
> this would ensure that the systems would interoperate correctly with
> each other.
> I believe that having a Proklam back-end for gnome-speech would make
> more sense than vice-versa, since gnome-speech is a cross-process API
> which is currently exported vi CORBA.
When KDE made the biggest jump of all... from KDE 1.0 to KDE 2.0 (well, we 
could say that from KDE 0.0 (nonexistance) to KDE 1.0 there was a bigger 
jump), one of the things in questions where the use of CORBA, I wasn't 
arround KDE development in that time but I think it was a hard desition to 
make... continue to use Corba being compatible with the rest of the world, or 
develop a particular protocol, beining incompatible, but developing a better 
They choosed the second option and dcop was developed, dcop standands for 
Desktop COmunication Protocol and it's designed to easy the comunication 
between applications. So, corba was droped and not used any longer. Of 
course, a KDE application can still use Corba, but a KDE service should not 
office the service with Corba, but with DCOP.
That's why I'm building Proklam, with a DCOP interface despite that Gnome may 
provide the same solution with a Corba interface. But as sending dcop 
messages is not friendly enough, I think, an API class called KSpeech will be 
provided inside kdelibs somewhere to make it even easier.
So, to use Prokla, you won't have to know anything about Corba (which I don't 
know), or DCOP (which I didn't know untill I started Proklam)... just 
instantiate KSpeech and use it.

DCOP is not a KDE only system and can be used by any other desktop enviroment 
or anything needing a comunication system, but I think that the only one 
using it is KDE and it will remain that way for a while I thik.
Thank you.
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