Re: About the mini-howto I'm writing

On Thu, 2002-09-19 at 10:55, Michael Meeks wrote:
> > Why do you say that?  I am not aware of any recent difficulties building
> > gtk+ HEAD.
> 	It's a huge source tree, that takes a good while to build ?

Yes, that's certainly true!  And true of GNOME-2 in general, so it will
be nice if and when something like RPMs of gnome-2.X are available for
folks who aren't core GNOME hackers to test.  In conjunction with
"devtools" RPMs, this would lower barriers to hacking and enhancing our
assistive technologies and other accessibility support.

But at the moment I think we don't have quite enough support in the
"stable" (2.0.X) branch for end-user accessibility, and it's probably
too early to expect "RPMs" from GNOME 2.1.  Perhaps after the November 1
"chill"/freeze date ?  It would mean that someone would have to
volunteer to create and upload these RPMs...

Any volunteers?


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