Re: Nath again : Now, problem to launch Gnopernicus

On Thu, 2002-09-05 at 11:06, Nath wrote:
> When launching gnome-mag, Gnopernicus, srcore, I
> obtain the same error :
> Gtk-WARNING **: Cannot open display:
> An idea ? what is wrong now ?

Hi Nath:

Your patience is truly commendable, thanks for staying with us!

If the message is as you say, above (there is nothing after the word
"display:", for instance no ":0.0") then perhaps gtk+ expects your
DISPLAY environment variable to be set.

For me and most X users this environment variable is set, so it may be
that this is required by gtk+.  At least is is easy to try, set your


and see if the problem persists.

good luck,


> I must say that I don't know how X works because until now I can only use
> command line apps because I'm totally blind. Then excuse me, perhaps I will
> ask some trivial questions regarding X ! 
> Before running srcore or gnopernicus I run startx  and have add a line in
> the .xinitrc file saying : exec gnome-session. Is it a good idea to do taht
> ? I think my problem is an authentication problem. I read the xauth man and
> saw that a .XAUTHORITY file exists. I have this file in my home directory
> but  there is  nothing in it.
> May I install a graphic login such as xdm or gdm ? Perhaps it is necessary
> ?
> Please help and thanks in advance for your patience with me !
> --
> Nath
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