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Glad to hear you have this working. If you want to keep gcc-java installed, you'll have to create a script or something similar which ensures that the path to the Java SDK binaries comes before /usr/bin.


At 07:11 PM 11/8/2002 -0500, Thomas Ward wrote:
As far as java goes I am running the Java RE and SDK version 1.4.1
I also have gcc-java installed, and I'll remove it if you feel that will
help . the compile.
As for the dumps of configure and make I'll get them out shortly.

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> I'll ned a bit more info to provide some useful help.
> Do you have Java installed, and if so what version?  An exact dump of the
> output of the configure and make commands would be helpful.
> Festival support is now in CVS.
> Also, try typing 'which javac' and see what it shows you.  It shouldn't be
> building the Java stuff if their is no javac binary found.  This could be
> conflct with gcc-java if you have that package installed.
> Regards,
> Marc
> At 10:02 AM 11/8/2002 -0500, Thomas Ward wrote:
> >Hi. Yes, Viavoice is working fine by using the cmdlinespeak tools.
> >
> >However, nothing else works. The problem has been compounded even greater
> >me updating my gnome-speech source to the latest and not the greatest
> >from cvs, and now the libraries completely refuse to build.
> >The gnome-speech compile always blows up when it enters the java
> >It gives me error 1 and error 2 whatever that means.
> >Is there a known quick fix for these errors or is there a way to simply
> >check an older version of gnome-speech out of cvs which will cooperate
> >viavoice or festival?
> >After four months of testing an tinkering I haven't gotten vary far with
> >this stuff. I'm wondering if there is anyway I can get my hands on at
> >a somewhat stable version of the code that is known to work, and I can
> >until some better code comes along.
> >
> >
> >
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