Re: panel prelight on focus

Seth Nickell wrote:

> Can somebody make a shot of how it would look to draw the dotted-line
> borders around the panel to indicate focus? I have trouble believing
> that's not sufficiently visible. How is it any different for the panel
> than for, say, a button?

Don't have time to do a screenshot right this second, but I'd guess the
reason it looks different because in most cases, all four edges of the
dotted rectangle directly abut either the edge of the screen (and most
monitors have a black border around the display area) or the desktop
background (which is more often than not a dark colour as well).  So, at
least when the focus box is only one pixel wide, it just kind of gets
swallowed up by its surroundings.

An additional problem is that when you're tabbing between panels, the
focus is moving much larger distances than it would when you're tabbing
around a dialog, often into your peripheral vision.  So the panel focus
indication needs to be that bit stronger, at least initially.


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