Re: panel prelight on focus

Alex Larsson wrote:
> We could always make it a preference so that only people who really need
> it can enable it. I think the current prelighting behaviour is one of the
> most irritating things in gnome2.

We could; that always kind of strikes me as a bit of a cop-out though. 
IMHO the default behaviour ought to be complete/consistent/accessible by
default (within reason), so that people who don't need/want particular
things can switch them off, rather than forcing people who rely on such
things having to find and switch them on.

> Really? For me it prelights on mouseover. Maybe the panel build I have is
> to old. Let me rebuild.

Hmm, maybe you're right actually... I was just going from memory/my idea
of what the panel focus *should* work.  It may have been implemented as
you describe to be consistent with buttons etc., which also prelight on

If that's the case, perhaps changing it so that the panel only showed
focus when it actually *had* focus would help things somewhat?  That
would be inconsistent with other widgets' prelight behaviour, but the
panel does seem like a bit of a special case.


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