Re: panel prelight on focus

On Tue, 19 Mar 2002, Calum Benson wrote:

> Luis Villa wrote:
> > There must be a better way to do this. This behavior is the most
> > frequently reported non-crash bug against the new panel, and if users
> > think it is a bug, it is a bug.
> Well, alternative suggestions are always welcome.  Drawing a dotted box
> around the panel is next-to-invisible, though, so I'm not sure what
> options there are other than changing the panel background colour.

We could always make it a preference so that only people who really need 
it can enable it. I think the current prelighting behaviour is one of the 
most irritating things in gnome2.

> Some of the reports are probably spotting genuine bugs-- the panel
> should only change colour when the panel itself, not a panel object, has
> focus.  So generally you should only see a panel getting focus when you:
> - click on the panel background to start a "move panel" drag
> - click on one of the show/hide buttons (debatable if whole panel should
> show focus here, or just the button)
> - right-click on panel background to pop up the panel shortcut menu.  In
> this case the panel should nearly always lose focus again anyway as soon
> as you select an item from the menu, since most of them give focus to a
> newly-created window or panel object.

Really? For me it prelights on mouseover. Maybe the panel build I have is 
to old. Let me rebuild.

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