Searching for libgail-gnome under Debian

Hi all,

I try for a long time to install all things  in order to run and test
Gnopernicus but it's very very hard for me.
First I tried to built Gnome 2 using Garnome but after building things
don't run good.
then I change my strategy and install Gnome 2 packagesusing Debian
after that I have created a xinitrc file in my home directory containing
this line :
exec gnome-session
and then I run startx.
and then I obtain a warning regarding gnome-panel, nautilus and perhaps
others apps saying the libgail-gnome module can not be find and that this
module is necessary to allow accessibility. Then my question : what to do
to have this module ? The package libgail-gnome0 is already installed but
not the dev packages. May I install them ?  Help will be very appreciated !
also i'm going to compile Gnopernicus and Gnome-speech from cvs. But how to
do to indicate to gnome-speech which TTS to use ? If Festival or ViaVoice
is installed on the machine is Gnome-speech detecting them on his own ?
And to end my questions for this time after compiling Gnopernicus and
Gnome-speech can I add the two lines "exec Gnopernicus" and "exec
gnome-speech" in order to run this two apps to obtain braille and/or speech
in the xinitrc file ?
If someone has a little time to help me on irc it will be great too.
Thanks in advance for your help !

Nath, who hopes to test Gnopernicus one day !!!

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