Re: Searching for libgail-gnome under Debian

On Mon, 2002-07-29 at 08:18, Nath wrote:
> And to end my questions for this time after compiling Gnopernicus and
> Gnome-speech can I add the two lines "exec Gnopernicus" and "exec
> gnome-speech" in order to run this two apps to obtain braille and/or speech
> in the xinitrc file ?

I can't speak to the ATK/Gnopernicus/&c. related things, but in general:

To use .xinitrc, you list each program you want run, ENDING with the
session manager. (When the session manager quits, eg. you pick "Log out"
from the panel menu, your X session will end.)

So, e.g.

gnopernicus &
gnome-speech &
exec gnome-session

"exec" means "stop running this script (.xinitrc) and start running this
other program," so nothing past that point will be started.

However, you should probably NOT manually edit the .xinitrc to add GNOME
programs; if possible, you should instead run them from gnome-session.
There's a tool used to add programs to the session manager manually, in
case they don't add themselves (most GNOME programs do), which I believe
is gnome-session-properties. However, my current snapshot of that
program is broken so I can't provide more detailed infos.

Good luck...

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