Able to do Install?

hi, digging around the suse site regarding my start on Linux I saw items to
consider in writing the, Low Vision HOWTO: Draft at link
tml Currently the section on Linux Installation says no provision is made
for folks with low-vision to Install Linux and setup large-text. Installing
an OS is not something most folks do anyway so a step-back from making
everyone able to do everything seemed to be a reasonable use of resources.
Since Linux is new to me buying a system running Linux feels like a good
entry point, folks buy items to use, not become familiar with the inner
workings of devices. However, Linux will often replace Windows maybe making
Install a necessary part of using the OS.

Plus this Whitepaper entitled, blinux - Linux for the visually impaired
link explains
how folks with low vision are able to install suse themselves from version
7 up. Because some folks can do their own Install it does not seem best
that the Low Vision HOWTO be a bit abrupt on this in the first 2 sentences
of the Linux Installation section. Saying if the ability is distro
dependent or an item Gnome can add later would be much more in the spirit
of Gap. It would be unfortunate if someone became annoyed with the current
wording and began saying gap has a gap. Creating great, daily usability
likely should rank before dealing with widespread self-install, yet
explaining what might be possible or not likely to be done because the task
is too demanding is a good idea. Not that I am sure self-install will
interest many folks for reasons which have me wondering about what to do
myself, grin.

Bryan Campbell

--> "It has been said the pebbles can't stop the avalanche, guess the
pebbles didn't have access to the Web!"

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