Re: GAD Document?

On Fri, 2002-07-05 at 22:47, JP Schnapper-Casteras wrote:
> Hi list,
>    Does anyone have the non-web version of the "GNOME Accessibility for Developers" (GAD) draft
> document (e.g., in docbook, StarOffice, or single page HTML format)?  I would like to make some
> contributions, but the web version is hard to edit :-)

The web version is generated from a DocBook 3.1 SGML file, which you can
find in GNOME CVS: web-devel-2/content/projects/gap/guide/gad.sgml.

It's not currently re-generated on the website automatically from the
source when you commit changes to the SGML file, unfortunately.  So if
you make changes you can either try and fix this at the same time, or
commit the new html files to web-devel-2/content/projects/gap/guide/gad
along with the new SGML file.


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