Re: Gnopernicus

Hi Richard,

On Wed, 2002-08-21 at 21:34, Richard Schwerdtfeger wrote:
> Now if I try and build gnopernicus I get aproblem where the build is
> looking for gnome-mag-1.0. This is new. Where might it be?
> I cannot build. Am I missing a CVS package?

	Yes; gnome-mag, also - to make it slightly more complex - there are 2
branches of gnome-mag, and the HEAD branch is unlikely to work with your
Gtk+ since it requires the unstable gtk+.

	So I'd recommend using the 'gnome-2-0' branch of gnome-mag; ie.

	cvs -z3 checkout -r gnome-2-0 gnome-mag

	Alternatively - you can just hack the gnome-mag check out of, remove the 'magnifier' directory from
gnopernicus/ and move on. If you're happy with doing that
sort of thing - it'd be nice to have a --disable-magnifier option in the
configure script.



 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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