Re: Gnopernicus

I grabbed the latest Gnome update off of Ximian. atk-poke works although
some of the object data seems incomplete. Michael had asked about this

Now if I try and build gnopernicus I get aproblem where the build is
looking for gnome-mag-1.0. This is new. Where might it be?

I cannot build. Am I missing a CVS package?

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You are right Michael, only removing the directory it's not safe.(but
sometimes works, so this is the easy way, but not guaranted). A guaranted
way is described in the README file.(how to kill the daemon and so on).


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> On Thu, 2002-08-22 at 16:30, Adi Dascal wrote:
> > building it, please erase the ~/.gconf/apps/gnopernicus directory.
> Ahh; I remember now - in addition to removing that directory, you badly
> need to kill gconfd first; there are 2 (~compatible) incarnations of
> gconfd -1 and -2, so:
> killall -9 gconfd-1 ; killall -9 gconfd-2
> [NB. pkill is better on Solaris ;-]
> Otherwise the daemon will cache state and return old key values I
> believe,
> Regards,
> Michael.
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