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This was Owen's original mail on the topic, BTW... I've just realised he
put the wrong list address on it...


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I don't have a good sense that we know how this should work from
the user's perspective.

Open questions include:

 - How do you get to the toolbar. (It seems like F10 and <tab> 
   to switch between menu bar and toolbars probably is a good
   option here.)
 - What is the behavior for "normal widgets" in toolbars, such as
   Nautilus's URL entry? This should, I think be in the normal
   tab order, not something that you should access with F10, <tab>.
 - What is the behavior for tearoff toolbars?

I'm wondering if then we should just say from an accessibility point
of view:

 "All actions accessible through the toolbar should be also available
  through the menus, unless the widgets are in the normal focus chain."

I believe other operating systems do this, so we won't be behind
in this area. The lack of existing practice worries me a bit if
we try to come up with something at this point.

This item can be revisted for GTK+-2.2, especially since the menu and
toolbar APIs are scheduled for some rework in 2.2.

Is this acceptable?

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