Re: Keynav implementation issues

>Owen Taylor wrote:
>> > Keynav for toolbars:
>> I'd like to just not do this for 2.0 if possible. (See my other 
>Fair enough, I don't think that would be too much of a problem.  As you
>said in that other mail (and I said in my reply to it), anything that's
>on the toolbar should be accessible via the menu bar anyway, in the
>interests of good UI design.
>I'm cc-ing this "decision" to gnome-accessibility-list just in case 
>have any major objections, though  :o)


It's just not the case that everything in Gnome toolbars is in menus as 
well.  And disabled users are often really annoyed that they cannot 
traverse toolbars.  Blind users must take it on faith that the toolbar 
items are duplicated in menus, if they can't traverse them!

I think that this is the wrong thing to do for many reasons.  It also 
breaks some 'exploratory' modes for screen readers.


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