Re: GtkLabel and selectable

Hi Padraig,

I agree with Bill here.  I don't see a strong need for this.  Perhaps there
are folks out there writing assistive technologies who would disagree with me
on this (and if so, they may well be right!), but this just doesn't seem like
it adds significant information that isn't available elsewhere in the
situations in which it is needed.

Peter Korn
Sun Accessibility team

Bill Haneman wrote:
> >A GtkLabel may or may not be selectable. Currently we do not seem to
> make this
> >information available through the ATK API or notify when a GtkLabel
> becomes
> >selectable or not.
> >
> >Is this important?
> I am not sure we need this notification, we already get notification
> 'after the fact' if we try to select a label and the call returns false,
> right?  At least if it's not always possible, then the selection API
> should return boolean...
> but getting change notifications about this seems not-too-urgent.
> maybe someone else has a compelling use case?
> -Bill
> >If it is I suggest that we add a state ATK_STATE_TEXT_NOT_SELECTABLE to
> describe
> >this situation and emit notifications of changes of that states when a
> GtkLabel
> >becomes selectable or not.
> >
> >Padraig
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