Accessible Terminal

Hi all,

An initial stab at the libzvt accessibility support is done with the following rather important issues outstanding:

1. There is no role for the Accessible terminal. How about adding ATK_ROLE_TERMINAL to ATK?

2. There is no efficient way to implement getRunAttributes in the terminal. Unless there are objections, I'll just implement runs of one character a piece as per Java accessibility.

3. The ZvtTerm widget doesn't emit a signal when the selection changes. Should it, and if so, I assume the signal handler in ZvtAccessible would emit the "selection" property change.

4. The ZvtTerm widget emits a signal for text added, but as far as I can tell, the signal doesn't contain information about where the text was written to the screen. Is it acceptable to emit a "text changed" signal and leave it up to the AT to figure out the details of the change?

5. Screen readers which read text from terminals often need to do the following task which isn't very well suppported, if at all, by AtkText:
	a. New text is received and prepared to be written to the screen.
b. The screen reader examines the proposed location of the new text, and grabs the text
		currently in that location on the screen.
c. If the text is the same but the attributes show it is switching from highlighted to normal,
		nothing is spoken.
	d. Otherwise, the text is spoken.

How can we do this with AtkText?

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