Re: GailCList

>The role proposed for GailCList is ATK_ROLE_LIST. A GtkCList is described
>as a multi-columned scrolling list.
>The number of columns in a GtkCList is specified when the GtkCList is
>created.  Should the role of a GailCList depend on the number of columns 
>in the corresponding GtkCList? For example, should the role be 
>ATK_ROLE_TABLE, even if the number of colums is 1 or should we define a
>new role to indicate that the columns are not selectable?

Perhaps we should keep ATK_ROLE_LIST for all CLISTS, even those that are 
multi-column (since as you note they have some limitations regarding 

>Accessible Children
>It is proposed to expose flyweight accessible objects as children. I assume
>that these flywweights correspond to each cell. The accessible objects 
>corresponding to the cells can be obtained using AtkTable interface.
>GtkCList derives from GtkContainer but as far as I can see a GtkCList
>never has children.
>It should be possible to expose the accessible objects corresponding to the 
>cells as children.

This sounds right to me.

>It is proposed that GailCList implement the AtkSelection interface.
>This interface implements selection of children which means that whatever
>we select must be represented as children of GailCList.
>As far as I can see a GtkCList can only be selected by row, i.e. individual
>cells cannot be selected.
>I would suggest that AtkSelection work for GailCList only when there is 
>one column, i.e. selection of individual cells is possible.

I think that would obscure part of GtkCList's functionality - why not continue 
to support AtkSelection, so that all cells in a selected row are returned as 
"selections" ? 

>CList Flyweights
>I will call these GailCListCell. We need to answer the question of what 
>interfaces a GailCListCell should support and specify a role or roles for
>a GailCListCell.
>A cell can contain text, a pixmap or text and a pixmap. A cell or row can
>have a GtkStyle associated with it. The text and pixmap can be replaced but
>the text cannot be edited. Do we want to regard the text as the accessible
>name of the GailCListCell or should we attempt to implement the AtkText

Since the text is styled I think the "right" thing to do is implement AtkText 
on the flyweight.  Since this sort of thing will turn up elsewhere I think 
such a GailTextCell class would be generally useful.


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