I have reviewed what we have written in
for the propsoed implementation for GailCList, an accessible object for GtkCList 
and have the following comments:

The role proposed for GailCList is ATK_ROLE_LIST. A GtkCList is described
as a multi-columned scrolling list.

The number of columns in a GtkCList is specified when the GtkCList is
created.  Should the role of a GailCList depend on the number of columns 
in the corresponding GtkCList? For example, should the role be 
ATK_ROLE_TABLE, even if the number of colums is 1 or should we define a
new role to indicate that the columns are not selectable?

Accessible Children
It is proposed to expose flyweight accessible objects as children. I assume
that these flywweights correspond to each cell. The accessible objects 
corresponding to the cells can be obtained using AtkTable interface.

GtkCList derives from GtkContainer but as far as I can see a GtkCList
never has children.

It should be possible to expose the accessible objects corresponding to the 
cells as children.

It is proposed that GailCList implement the AtkSelection interface.

This interface implements selection of children which means that whatever
we select must be represented as children of GailCList.

As far as I can see a GtkCList can only be selected by row, i.e. individual
cells cannot be selected.

I would suggest that AtkSelection work for GailCList only when there is 
one column, i.e. selection of individual cells is possible.

CList Flyweights
I will call these GailCListCell. We need to answer the question of what 
interfaces a GailCListCell should support and specify a role or roles for
a GailCListCell.

A cell can contain text, a pixmap or text and a pixmap. A cell or row can
have a GtkStyle associated with it. The text and pixmap can be replaced but
the text cannot be edited. Do we want to regard the text as the accessible
name of the GailCListCell or should we attempt to implement the AtkText


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