Re: Linux Window Managers and Accessibility

On Wed, 6 Jun 2001, Bill Haneman wrote:


> I notice that John did not mention this part of the SPI
> (getPIDforIndex, getIndexForPID() ). As I noted above the mapping
> should probably be not just a PID but include host information as
> well. Perhaps a better API would be:
> boolean desktop_getPIDForIndex (in short desktop, 
>                                 in long index, 
>                                 out long pid, 
>                                 out long hostIP);
> // returns false if not a member of the desktop in question
> long desktop_getIndexForPID (in short desktop,
>                              in long pid, 
>                              in long hostIP);

Er, this may seem a stupid comment and all, but have you considered the
future of your software as well as the initial implementation?

The X server that I am running will happily host clients on TCP/IP -
which your API supports - as well as DECnet. Tomorrow, it will support
clients connected via IPv6...

Are you sure you want to use "long" type and "IPv4 address" as the
identifier here?


We have the Bill of Rights. What we need is a Bill of Responsibilities.
        -- Bill Maher

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