Re: atk_component_add_focus_handler() and flyweights

Brian Cameron wrote:
> Padraig:
> > Does GailCell, or any of its derivatives, need to be able to support
> > atk_component_add_focus_handler? In other words, should it be possible that the
> > focus handler report that the focus is in a cell?
> Cells inside a GtkTreeView can not have focus.  This is because each cell in
> a GtkTreeView does not having a corresponding GtkObject.  However there might
> be other widgets that have cells where the cells are backed by an actual
> GtkObject.  In such situations, the cells should probably support focus.

I don't understand why the lack of a backing GtkObject affects this. 
Focus is, in ATK parlance, simply an event with an AtkObject source.

> So, if it is possible to support focus handler in GailCell, and some children
> of GailCell can choose to use that logic, and others can choose to not use
> the logic, then it would make sense to add it to GailCell.
> Just my thoughts.
> Brian
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