Re: atk_component_add_focus_handler() and flyweights


> Does GailCell, or any of its derivatives, need to be able to support 
> atk_component_add_focus_handler? In other words, should it be possible that the 
> focus handler report that the focus is in a cell?

Cells inside a GtkTreeView can not have focus.  This is because each cell in
a GtkTreeView does not having a corresponding GtkObject.  However there might
be other widgets that have cells where the cells are backed by an actual
GtkObject.  In such situations, the cells should probably support focus.

So, if it is possible to support focus handler in GailCell, and some children
of GailCell can choose to use that logic, and others can choose to not use
the logic, then it would make sense to add it to GailCell.

Just my thoughts.


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