Re: GNOME Accessibility for Developers

Hi. I just read the first three sections on the accessibility project, and
I'd like suggest the addition of a cognitive impairment: those who may be
in good health, but cannot read: the user can point and click, but typing
makes no sense, except maybe for the arrows, and otherwise they have to be
considered as deaf.

There's a typo on the "understanding disabilities" section: the congitive
impairments title appears as normal text, inside the previous parragraph.

An idea for an accessibility application:

Is there already a tool in GNOME that can do magnifying, but in an usable
way? I propose the creation of a tool that takes a squared section of the
screen, centered on the mouse, and applies an hyperbolic transformation,
so that people with visibility impairment can read text. Maybe the radius
of the square could be controlled via the keyboar or the mouse.

How difficult would it be to do such an application? I could hack on such
a project.

Back to work, but I'm keeping myself aware of this issue.


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