Re: Children of menu items?

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> Padraig O'Briain wrote:
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> > > Why not expose all the submenu-items as children instead?  This
> > > (proposal for one child that then has more menuitem children) seems
> > > like a useless indirection.
> > 
> > If we do this, we swallow the submenu object. I have not thought it all 
> > but I suspected that this would cause more problems.
> OK, I'm midding something here.  What would be swallowed?  Maybe we'd
> better use GtkWidget names to reduce ambiguity.
> Are you saying that the GtkMenuItem which has a submenu has (in Gtk
> hierarchy) a single child that is a GtkMenu ?  in that case maybe we
> should swallow the enclosing GtkMenuItem instead...


If a GtkMenuItem has a submenu, the submenu, a GtkMenu, is not a child of the 
GtkMenuItem in the Gtk hierarchy. In the Gtk hierarchy, the child of a 
GtkMenuItem is the child of the GtkBin from which GtkItem derives. This would 
typically be the label of the menu item.

The submenu is the submenu field in the GtkMenuItem data structure.

We could consider swallowing the enclosing GtkMenuItem but that is an 
optimization whose consideration I would prefer to postpone.


> -Bill
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> > Padraig
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