Children of menu items?

> >GtkMenuItem Notes:
> >Currently GaelMenuItem does not provide any implementation for accessible
> >children so it will have, by defulat, the implementation in GaelContainer. Is
> >the proposal to expose a child only if it is a submenu necessary?
> >
> >***
> Well, an AT needs some way to determine whether a menu item is a 
> submenu.  If GaelMenuItem exposes the children represented in its 
> GtkContainer, then we won't properly flatten the higherarky, and can't 
> provide an AT the knowledge that the menu item has a submenu, since the 
> submenu is not exposed as a child of the GtkContainer.
> ***

It looks like we need to provide an implementation of 
atk_object_get_n_accessible_children() and atk_object_ref_accessible_child() for 
GaelMenuItem so that it exposes one child if a menu item is a submenu.

We will probably need to fiddle with the menu, i.e. set atk_object_set_parent() 
so that atk_object_get_index_in_parent() returns the cirrect value.


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