Buttons and AtkValue

My excuse here is that I am following Java. AccessibleAbstractButton implements 
AccessibleValue to set a button to be selected (or not) and get the selected 
state. I propose to follow the same convention for ATK.

My understanding is that "selected" is equivalent to "checked". I think I lied 
in my previous statement about not having an action "toggle". A button has one 
action which is to click the button which is probably the same as toggle.


> >GtkToggleButton Notes:
> >The comments on GtkButton and AtkAction interface also apply here; i.e. one 
action on a button. I have
> >GaelToggleButton implementing AtkValue interface to set the button to 
> >active or
> >not so I do not have an action "toggle".
> >
> >***
> My understanding of AtkValue is that it is for things which can have a 
> range of values, and that the "checked" state is for objects which only 
> have two states.
> ***

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