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The AtkImage interface started life as a clone of the Java Accessibility 
interface AccessibleImage.

The  first widget whose accessible object seemed a candidate for implementing 
the AtkImage interface was GtkImage. The only Java component I found which 
implemented AccessibleImage was ImageIcon.

I noticed that GtkImage can support images other than icons so I added 
get_storage_type() as I thought that one might be interested in the storage type 
of an image.

Own Taylor questions the usefulness of this in a mail on gtk-devel-list and Bill 
Haneman responded. 

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> * What's the intended usage of atk_image_get_storage_type()?; it
>   seems fairly useless unless the caller navigates back to 
>   the GtkImage; at which point, it could find out that information
>   directly.

The caller doesn't have a good way to get back to the GtkImage (since an 
"external" caller should not be relying on the accessible being a 
subtype of GtkAccessible).  

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I agree that the set/get_image_description  and get_image_height/width methods 
seem to duplicate methods on AtkObject. My weak excuse is that is what the Java 
interface provides. Perhaps, Peter can comment on this and the usefulness of the 


> Subject: AtkImage
> Mime-Version: 1.0
> I'm feeling a little inept this afternoon-- I'm writing IDL for our 
> proposed Mozilla accewssibility interfaces, and am trying to understand the 
> purpose of the AtkImage interface.  I understand that the type of the image 
> storeage, I.E. bitmap, icon, etc. may be useful.  But why the methods for 
> getting/setting width, height and description-- these are duplicates of the 
> members of AtkObject are they not?  There doesn't seem to be anything else 
> to AtkImage-- what am I missing?  Do we need to support this interface in 
> Mozilla?  It would seem that the only useful reason for having AtkImage 
> would be if it provided access to the bitmap or something, which it doesn't 
> appear to do.
> Marc

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