AtkText interface and labels

I have looked at what information GtkLabel gives us and it seems to me that we 
can get the position of the start of the text using gtk_label_get_layout() but 
cannot get the bounding rectangle.

GtkLabel only provides an interface to get the entire label text as one string, 
i.e. gtk_label_get_text().

Gtklabel can have PangoAttrList associated with the label using 
gtk_label_set_attributes(); I assume that this is similar to styled text 
referred to below.

It looks like we will need to implement a subset of the AtkText interface for 
GtkLabel. I guess I am looking for guidance on what is possible and necessary.


> > >GtkLabel Notes states that GaelLabel will implement the AtkText interface. 
> > >the entire interface required? The reason I ask is that it is not at all
> > >obvious
> > >to me how it can be implemented or how it will be used.
> > >
> > >***
> > I would invision exposing AtkText for labels so that a screen reader with a
> > Braille display could move the mouse cursor to an exact position in a
> > label.  This couldn't be done without supporting AtkText, since the entire
> > label text would be exposed as one string.  Comments anyone?
> > ***
> We at first didn't implement AccessibleText on labels in Swing because they 
> always simple text.  That then changed - they can now be styled text, with a
> simple switch: "<html>blah blah</html>" put into a JLabel (or JButton, or...)
> makes it styled text with HTML markup.  No way to get those attributes without
> AccessibleText.
> Separate from that, thinking about screen magnification (as well as screen
> reading on a Braille display - kind of a similar situation -> you're not 
> the entire screen): having a way to easily walk through a lengthly bit of text
> in a label or button or..., on a small display that cannot show all of that
> text, is important.  AtkText provides a way of doing that -> getting the
> bounding rectangles of the text for magnification, indexing through the text 
> AtkText for a Braille display (though that could certainly be done internally 
> the screen reader).

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