Re: AtkImage

"Padraig O'Briain" <Padraig Obriain sun com> writes:

> The AtkImage interface started life as a clone of the Java Accessibility 
> interface AccessibleImage.
> The first widget whose accessible object seemed a candidate for
> implementing the AtkImage interface was GtkImage. The only Java
> component I found which implemented AccessibleImage was ImageIcon.
> I noticed that GtkImage can support images other than icons so I
> added get_storage_type() as I thought that one might be interested
> in the storage type of an image.

The concern I had here is that GtkImageType, gtk_image_get_storage_type()
indicates not role/use, but mechanism. Is it a GdkPixmap, 
GdkPixbuf, etc.

An icon might be GTK_IMAGE_ICON_SET, but it could also be


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