Re: [g-a-devel] GNOME 3.10, at-spi and wayland.

On 04/25/2013 02:16 AM, Luke Yelavich wrote:
Hey folks,

Hi Luke,

In light of the gradual move to wayland, I am wondering what the plans are WRT at-spi, specifically, 
dealing with keyboard snooping and Wayland input. Last I heard from Alejandro, nothing was set in stone WRT 
wayland and input related APIs for snooping.

Funny that you ask this. On the last weekly a11y meeting I was present
we talked about wayland. This reminds me that when we talk about that
kind of things, it would be a good idea to send a email to
gnome-accessibility-devel. Probably just to highlight the meeting minutes.

Anyway, if you are curious about what we talked about. In short, there
are still a lot of questions without a clear answer with respect of
Wayland and accessibility, and we don't want to lag behind GNOME 3.10.
So I have an action item assigned to myself, in order to write a mail to
be sent to Wayland developers. You have more details on the minutes of
that meeting [1].

I didn't write that mail yet because I was in a long vacation (one week
and something), that was the same reason I couldn't attend this year gtk
hackfest [2]. A pity, as the main wayland developer was there in order
to help gtk folks.

As you probably know, Canonical has decided to write its own display server, Mir.(1) From what I 
understand, parts of it will be similar to Wayland, but I am not sure whether that will be the case for 
input APIs.

Either way, I will have to start working on this once I have something from our Mir devs to work with, so I 
was hoping that code could be shared, so far as the backend of the at-spi registry daemon is concerned.

Yes, we already knew about Mir, and good if in the end it will be
similar to Wayland. Taking into account that X would be around for a
while, as part of making at-spi2 compatible with Wayland, I guess that
it will be required to provide a kind of "backend support" on at-spi2,
so at-spi2 could support one and the other by providing "holes" that
each backend would need to implement. If that is the final case, Mir
compatibility would be "as easy" as Mir developers writing a kind of Mir
backend for at-spi2. Anyway, take into account that at this point all
this is a lot of guessing. We will know that better after we get more
info from Wayland developers.

Thanks for caring.

Best regards.


Alejandro Piñeiro Iglesias

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