[g-a-devel] GNOME 3.10, at-spi and wayland.

Hey folks,
In light of the gradual move to wayland, I am wondering what the plans are WRT at-spi, specifically, dealing 
with keyboard snooping and Wayland input. Last I heard from Alejandro, nothing was set in stone WRT wayland 
and input related APIs for snooping.

As you probably know, Canonical has decided to write its own display server, Mir.(1) From what I understand, 
parts of it will be similar to Wayland, but I am not sure whether that will be the case for input APIs.

Either way, I will have to start working on this once I have something from our Mir devs to work with, so I 
was hoping that code could be shared, so far as the backend of the at-spi registry daemon is concerned.



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