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Hi Rich,

Sorry for never answering this when you first sent it.

You can get a list of at-spi events by looking at EVENT_TREE in pyatspi/ in the pyatspi sources. Ie,
git clone git://

Atk events generally correspond to AT-SPI events (ie, "object:bounds-changed" in AT-SPI would be generated by emitting a bounds_changed signal on the ATK object). Focus events are an exception to this--the atk implementor should call atk_focus_tracker_notify to let listeners such as atk-bridge know that the focus has changed.


On Mon, 24 Jan 2011, Richard Schwerdtfeger wrote:

Would someone provide me with a link to the latest list of ATSPI events? I need to fill in gaps in the ARIA Implementation Guide.


Rich Schwerdtfeger
CTO Accessibility Software Group

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Mike, From my own experience I haven't see any AT actually need these setter

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Hi Mike,

From my own experience I haven't see any AT actually need these setter APIs. Not all apps want to let users move windows around (e.g. MessageBox style windows/dialogs).
Exposing API for doing things programmatically that otherwise cannot be done through the UI is treacherous ground - something we need a very compelling accessibility reason
to do.

Supporting a macro package doesn't pass that bar for me.


On 1/14/2011 4:37 PM, Mike Gorse wrote:
Hi all,

I would like to propose a few additions to ATK and AT-SPI:

- In atk, the size and position of a window can be get or set. Gail already has code implementing this for gtk widgets, but the functionality is currently not exposed over
at-spi; there are methods to get the extents, size, and position of a window but no corresponding method to set them. I propose to add setSize, setPosition, and setExtents
methods to the at-spi Component interface. The GAIL implementation of set_extents only affects top-level windows; it does nothing for all other widgets.

I also propose to add an atk function with the following prototype if no one objects / people think it makes sense:

gpointer atk_object_get_native_window_handle (AtkObject *accessible);

This would return a handle from the native windowing system for the given object, if available. It may return NULL.

I have had a discussion with someone who is working on porting a macro language from Windows and requested this functionality. Apparently it is possible with this package
to change the title of a window, for instance, and this can be done under Windows but not through AT-SPI under Linux. Both of these additions would also help for the
AT-SPI-to-UIA bridge, since UI Automation exposes functionality corresponding to what I am describing. I am not really sure what I think of the get_native_window_handle
bit, since it would allow a program to do things other than what an end user could do, so I am not sure if there are security implications. Perhaps similar functionality is
already available through X, though, in which case I don't think it would create significant security issues beyond what is already there.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

-Mike G-
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