[g-a-devel] Possible candidate for AT-SPI Next

Hey all.

I will toss out something I said to Joseph this afternoon in IRC. As the subject of this message suggests, I am offering it for consideration/discussion as part of the impending revamp of Atk and AT-SPI.

"In a way, when you think about it, it's kinda weird that with all of this a11y stuff we have, nothing is able to say, 'Here's the app with focus, here's the widget with focus, and here's the point of interest w.r.t. that widget."

"Or to put it a different way.... The (primary) job of an AT like a screen reader boils down to telling the user where he/she is. And the one thing we have a hard time 'just finding out' is where the user is."

If something else, outside of the a11y code, happens to know the answers to the questions:

* What is the focused app?
* What is the focused widget within that app?
* What is the point of interest within that widget?

it would be neat if they could be more easily and immediately obtained, i.e. without having to go looking for all the answers from the top down ourselves -- and then verifying those answers heuristically because multiple widgets claim STATE_FOCUSED, claim to have a caret, etc., etc.

Take care.

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