[g-a-devel] Avoid Cally as a isolated module

Right now, as GAIL, Cally is a module, that it is required to load
during run-time.

During the discussion of bug 614121 [1] Emmanuele Bassi ask how to
integrate what Cally does in Clutter core.

On Boston Summit, AFAIU, he thought that it could be a good idea to
drop the accessibility object, and implement the accessibility
interfaces directly on the clutter objects. I pointed two reasons on
the bugzilla to avoid that:

1.) Allow to define accesibility objects not related directly with a
Clutter object (ie: flyweights objects [1])
2.) Allow to not expose some objects if it is not interesting from the
a11y POV.

In summary, being able to expose a a11y object hierarchy different
from the toolkit object hierarchy if necessary.

And of course, the fact that right now AtkObject is a object, so this
change would mean a complete redefinition of the Atk infrastructure.

Other reasons? There are someone who also thinks that would be a good

So, other option is just move the code to Clutter core:

1.) A new directory, as cogl.
2.) Initialize a11y in the clutter_init, to registry the factories[3].
3.) Add a equivalent to gtk_get_accessible in clutter, to allow
clutter-extending toolkits/apps to define easily the new accessible
4.) If this should be done always, and how, it is required to be

Anyway, load the atk-bridge should be still a module thing.

Comments? Someone (Li Yuan?) thinks that I'm forgotting something, and
we should keep with the module process?

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