Re: [g-a-devel] Accessibility in Google Chrome

From: Mihail Claudiu <professor_khaos_klaus_mk yahoo com>

> I've been trying to get the URL bar control from Google Chrome in order to get 
> the URL text. So far I've managed to get the chrome window using at-spi and 
> iterate through all the control hierarchy. I can see which one is the URL text 
> as for every AccessibleEditableText control I simply print out the text (and 
> identify which is link). The problem is that most of the chrome controls have a 
> NULL name and description as provided by Accessible_getName and 
> Accessible_getDescription. Thus, I have no apperent way to uniquely identify the 
> URL bar from withing the program so I can programatically access the URL.
> Does anybody, please, have any suggestions on this?

As far as I know Chrome doesn't have accessibility support from the
ATK point of view.

You can take a look to this bug [1], reported on Chromium (as Chrome
uses the code from Chromium)



API (apinheiro igalia com)

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