Re: [g-a-devel] GAIL questions

Gail will be loaded if the whole system's accessibility is enabled. And
I am not sure if your application wants to depend on gail. Evolution met
the same problem. You can take a look at ea-combo-button.c in Evolution.
e-combo-button is based on GtkButton, ea-combo-button is based on
gailbutton and Evolution is not depend on gail. Just inherit it

Thanks, Li. That helped. I didn't realize that I could look up the AtkObject factory for a type and then use the factory to retrieve the accessible type. That gets around the whole issue of not being able to access gail's symbols. I now have the GailWidget functionality back (the widget still doesn't provide any meaningful accessibility because I haven't written an AtkTextIface implementation yet.)

I'll write again if I run into anything else that I can't figure out.


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